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Perfect Moodle Hosting to Elevate Your eLearning Experience

Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) designed to facilitate online learning and education. It allows educators to create, manage, and deliver courses to students, incorporating a variety of resources, activities, and assessments to support learning objectives.


Return on investment

We are a hosting provider that offers sufficient resources (CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth) to handle the expected number of users and courses. Ensure the hosting environment allows for scalability as your Moodle site grows.

Empower your eLearning platform with high-performance, secure, and scalable Moodle hosting. We prioritize speed, reliability, and a seamless learning experience for your students, ensuring your Moodle platform thrives

Our mission is to provide exceptional hosting solutions optimized for Moodle-based eLearning platforms. We aim to empower educators and institutions with reliable, high-performance hosting services tailored to the unique demands of Moodle.

  • We adhere to necessary compliance standards and regulations, especially if you handle sensitive data or have specific compliance requirements.
  • We consider the hosting costs and pricing structure, making sure it fits within your budget while meeting the necessary requirements for your Moodle deployment.

  • We are a hosting provider with experience in hosting Moodle sites and a responsive support team.

Some Of The Moodle Features

We provide features such as course and user management, assessment, grading, role-based permissions, calendar, scheduling, notifications and messaging.

Flexible pricing options

We deliver world-class services



per month

What’s Included

Free Moodle upgrade
Unlimited Courses
24/7 operations & monitoring
Daily full site backup
Flexibility to install plugins of your choice
Use your own domains/sub-domains or our sub-domains
Free SSL / TLS session security (HTTPS)
Cloudflare CDN for ultra-fast content delivery
No bandwidth restrictions
Technical support with no restrictions on number of incidents
SMTP server for outgoing mail
Redundant infrastructure and storage for high availability, scalability, security and performance

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PRO Services

  • Premium Theme Installation

  • Storefront Customization

  • Product Upload

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • SMTP Plugin Installation

  • Social Login Installation

  • Front End Builder Installation

  • Mobile Number login with OTP

  • Third-Party OTP services Integration

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